Creeping up on the winning streak record


Eleven wins in a row for City as we search to break the record.

1.BLUE HEAVEN: Sergio Aguero celebrates after firing home his penalty


2.POWER SERG: Kun causes more havoc in the Burnley back-line


3.LETHAL WEAPON: Sergio wheels away in triumph after his penalty


4.SOLID SILVA: Bernardo Silva looks to open up the Burnley defence


5.ACTION MAN: Ederson clears the danger for City in spectacular style


6.TOUR DE FORCE: Kevin De Bruyne takes the game to the Burnley defence


7.BLUE FOR YOU: John Motson is presented with his City sheepskin coat by Bernard Halford and Mike Summerbee


8.SHOUT TO THE TOP: Nioco celebrates his superb header


9.SALUTE: Nico celebrates his goal by hailing the City fans


10.SPOT ON: Sergio Aguero slams home his record-equalling penalty


11.LEVEL BEST: Sergio Aguero celebrates with Leroy Sane and David Silva

12.PEP TALK: Pep Guardiola gets his point across to Leroy Sane


13.DECISION TIME: Pep Guardiola points it out to City


14.TRIPLE CROWN: Leroy Sane fires home City's third goal


15.WHAT A SMACKER: Sergio Aguero celebrates his penalty strike


16.TAKE THAT: Sergio powers in a shot on the Burnley goal


17.LEADING MAN: Skipper David Silva gets stuck in for City



SPECIAL K: Kyle Walker gets City motoring forward



[Source : Manchester City Football Club Official Website :Read More]