Some of the top images and moments in City's Champions League campaigns in recent years.

City has had some thrillers in the Champions League in recent years and have been involved in a few major matches that have left fans in sheer joy and agony.

What we do know is that whenever the lads are involved in Europe's most glamorous competition, it's always going to belter!

Manchester City's Ilkay Gundogan celebrates scoring his side's first goal of the game



1. ICONIC: That photo against Barcelona in November 2016

during the UEFA Champions League Group C match between Manchester City FC and FC Barcelona at Etihad Stadium on November 1, 2016 in Manchester, England.



2.FIGHT: Carlos Tevez fights for the ball against Ajax in 2012

Carlos Tevez v Ajax Amsterdam in 2012



3. HIGH FOOT: Fernandinho challenges against CSKA Moscow in 2013

FERNANDINHO CSKW Moscow October 2013



4.KING KEV: De Bruyne hits against Sevilla in 2015

during the UEFA Champions League Group D match between Manchester City and Sevilla at Etihad Stadium on October 21, 2015 in Manchester, United Kingdom.



5.STRENGTH: Kompany wins the ball off Bale against Real Madrid in 2016

Kompany v Real Madrid April 2016



6.WHAT A MATCH: Sané scores against Monaco at the Etihad in February 2017

Leroy Sane against Monaco February 2017



7.RAIN DELAY: Sergio Aguero scores against Monchengladbach the day after the match was called off due to large amounts of rain.

Sergio Aguero scores against Monchengladbach in September 2016



DYNAMO TOURE: Yaya holds the middle against Kiev in March 2016